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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011

Today we are welcoming another new intern!! Her name is Kira and is just as sweet as the rest of us. We can already tell she will fit in just great!

Today is also another day filled with new consults and can’t wait to start work with them. Today we had a consult for a birthday party, we love our birthdays just as much as our weddings!

Today we want to welcome Tanya McCray & Adam Thompson to Alpha & Omeg

a, we can’t wait to start working on their vision for their special day dream. Her vision is just starting out and we’re so ready to get to work on all of it.

We had a bride come in and pick out her invitations and they are going to be beautiful. I love all the aspects of putting a wedding together. But, when a bride picks out and receives her invitation with her and her future husband’s name in them, it becomes more real to them.

Tuesday September 20

It’s another busy day filled with consults and meetings with our brides. So many fun visions are filling the office for their special day and coming together beautifully. We have one bride with an ocean theme to her wedding and the center pieces look great! I can’t wait to see the whole thing come together.

We welcomed a new member to our staff today, Sara. She is starting her internship

with us today and we are so excited to have her join us and work with us. She is so happy and we love her already.

September 17, 2011

This week has been so exciting here at Alpha and Omega Event Consultants. We had so many new consultations this week and added a few new brides and grooms to our family. The visions they have are great and we cannot wait to piece it together for them. We absolutely love hearing the excitement in our brides voices about planning their day and seeing it come altogether, it helps makes us work harder and make it perfect for them. We really look forward to working with our new brides to make their dreams come true for their big day.

Our phones have been ringing off the hook this week but, we love it and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Each time it rings we get excited about fulfilling a new dream for a beautiful bride. Every bride that calls in is so excited to talk to us and get started on the vision for th

eir wedding. Each bride is super excited whether we are planning the whole thing or just pieces of it. No matter what they ask, it is never too small or too big of a job for us to complete.

There is so much excitement in the air here with October quickly approaching we have so many weddings approaching us. We are getting more and more excited about putting these brides’ visions together in a final masterpiece of their own. Each bride has a different vision but all just as exciting as the next.

We can’t wait for next week as it brings in more consults and exciting visions from our brides.

On Sunday, September 11th was an exciting moment for Alpha & Omega. We were in the UNF Premiere Bridal Show. Our design staff was up early in the morning to begin loadingup all the unique arrangements for the event. It so strange how you have that feeling for not do something so elaborate , but end up with creations that set the whole scene. I want to thank everyone that was involved in setting the booth. We also want to say is was good to see all of the wonderful vendors that we work with. i really enjoyed this show and look forward to the next on in 2012. Here are some of the pictures of what we created for the brides.

September 3,2011
Apris & Dennis Hollimon wedding was finally here, and to most of us it was truly a special day. Not only this was a wedding ceremony and reception, it was a 10 year Anniversary. This lovely couple has been through so much. Mr. Hollimon is in the military and some while ago while serving our country there was a accident where he had lost his arm. Thank God for a true patron he was saved from the rest of the war. Why I am talking about this is, because it has touched me and others at Alpha & Omega. We have to always thank God for what we have today, because it could be gone tomorrow. All the tough times the Hollimon family has been through they stay strong and continue to be together forever. I want to say, I truly enjoyed the entire planning of this lovely couples 10year celebration and look forward to the 15 to 20 years and many more. Here are some pics of the reception.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Prime Osborn Bridal Show

August 7, 2011 The Wedding Exhibit

I must say the show basically came upon Alpha & Omega so fast. As people know us by the "One Stop Shop" we went in on Sunday morning with not one clue of what was the vision. All I know as the Head Design was "Bling" was the key. So my team and I pull items from our warehouse and crossed our fingers. As the time ticked and the doors were open. I shall just say it like it is WOW!!!!! what a crowd. There were brides coming out of the wood work everywhere. As I looked back at our booth I was like this will make our day. sparkle, sparkle all over turntables turn with bouquets, centerpieces were lit up and cake from Divine Design was rotate in the mist. With all this excitement the host on the stage called our name out and long behold we won "The Best Booth" award. I was shock the director just smile and says "we deserve it" Amazing how you can feel down with something and what an amazing reward in the end.